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Grau-weißes Korrosionsschutzholzhaus

Grau-weißes Korrosionsschutzholzhaus


    Modell: 10081459

Additional Info

    Produktivität: huge

    Marke: J & F

    Ort Von Zukunft: Nanning, Guangxi, China

    Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: Fully capable of meeting customer needs

    Zertifikate : advanced

    HS-Code: 10081459


Every year,J&F designs thousands of new samples for customers' selection.Our products spread all over the world especially Europe, America as well as Asia-Pacific region.

1,2 litre white handle wooden pot flowerpot box basket trellis box
Wooden cachepots - decoration for decoration

Starting in May, you can usually put your plants into the open again and thus also transform the balcony back into a thriving oasis. But whoever wants to be safe is waiting until the Ice Saints are over. For then, in our latitudes, local frosts can still occur, and many popular balcony plants - such as geraniums, margerites or begonias - are extremely sensitive to cold. They might go down by the frost. Many people decorate their windowsills with pretty potted plants, but also use tables and flower stands to put their houseplant. Because the flower pots used for planting are either black or brown, we offer you pots for the more imaginative design of the plant decoration. Put your plants to shine, with our beautiful flower crates, at home or on the balcony.

Product information:

Plant pot Flowerpot
Material: Wood
Style: Country house
Special feature: Wooden planter
1,2 litre vine flowerpot in 2 colours
Format: square
Equipment: with handle
Material: Wood
Material thickness (in cm): 1
Colour: white
Volume (in litres): 1,2
Length outside (in cm): 18
Length inside (in cm): 13
Outside width (in cm): 13
Inner width (in cm): 10. 5
Outer height (in cm): 31 with handle
Height inside (in cm): 9,5 (planting area)

10081459 Grw

Produktgruppe : Hölzerner Korb

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